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The impact of metro on kanakapura road real estate

For a long time Kanakapura road used to be a mediocre generic suburban part of Bangalore, now suddenly they are the go-to region for many of the prominent builders. Builders seem to be in a cut throat competition with each other to raise their project as soon as possible before the others in this area. What prompted the sleeping part of the city to wake from this slumber to it a fiesta of an Apartment face-off. Well the answer is simple and it runs several Kilometers long, Bangalores Pride, The Namma Metro.

Kanakapura Road Metro Kanakapura Road Metro

The introduction of the metro has drastically changed the geographical and economical situation of this region. The metro which runs the length of the Kanakapura road now up to Yellanchanahalli, and is further progressing all the way until Karnataka State Sericulture Research and Development Institute as of now, that is beyond the nice road. According to sthe estimate there are plans to run the Metro till, Sri Ravi Shankar Swamys’s Art of Living Ashram in Udayapura on Kanakapura Road.

With the arrival of Metro, it can only mean ease of access to commute.  With this comes the necessity to have the residential requirements around the metro line met. This is where the apartment boom is coming into action. And with the population shift that is coming to the regions around Kanakapura road it is safe to say there will be n exponential growth in the amenities and services around.

From the Map you see I zeroed in on 4 main locations around kanakapura road,





Traffic and dust also seem to be a major concern around the Kanakapura road, but much of this can be blamed on the metro and we can expect things to ease up once the construction is over.

Once soil, is now turning out to be gold with all the upcoming projects in the Region which was facilitated thanks to the Metro.

Upcoming Metro Station in Kanakapura Road

Upcoming Metro Station in Kanakapura Road

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