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Upcoming Apartments & Flats around Kanakapura Road, Bangalore

Exploring apartment projects on kanakapura road – A day’s trip?

In the wake of the boom of apartment infrastructural facilities in Bangalore lately, I felt have I been missing in out on opportunities of safe investment. Being an economic migrant, I have observed a lot of my colleagues’ properties had appreciated massively. And also, the thought providing myself a house that in years would appreciably help making my wallet a lot fatter over the years was appealing.

Hence like any serious buyer, I took to the internet to scout and scrutinize and amass information of all the apartments and the localities around. I wanted to reach a satisfied approach in the way I choose the apartment, well its easier said than done though. Most of the real estate-based websites are just listing sites and do not have the necessary information, at the most they have a vague locality review and the base square feet price. But very few websites offered valid information that is actually necessary.

Of all the places initially Kanakapura road area was quite amusing for me, with my understanding there weren’t any tech parks in the vicinity but the numerous apartments sprawling up made me a bit curious and I thought I will have a day with this and started my own private investigation upon the apartments in the general Kanakapura road area.

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