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Property Legal Terms

  • The impact of metro on kanakapura road real estate

    Projects in Kanakapura The impact of metro in Kanakapura Apartments in Konanakunte Kanakapura Apartments in Vajrahalli Kanakapura road Apartments in Mallasandra Kanakapura Conclusion For a long time Kanakapura road used to be a mediocre generic suburban part of Bangalore, now suddenly they are the go-to region for many of the prominent builders. Builders seem to be in a cut throat competition with each other to raise their project as soon as possible before the others in this area. What prompted the sleeping part of the city to wake from this slumber to it a fiesta of an Apartment... Continue reading

  • Exploring apartment projects on kanakapura road – A day’s trip

    Projects in Kanakapura The impact of metro in Kanakapura Apartments in Konanakunte Apartments in Vajrahalli, Kanakapura road Apartments in Mallasandra Conclusion In the wake of the boom of apartment infrastructural facilities in Bangalore lately, I felt have I been missing in out on opportunities of safe investment. Being an economic migrant, I have observed a lot of my colleagues’ properties had appreciated massively. And also, the thought providing myself a house that in years would appreciably help making my wallet a lot fatter over the years was appealing. Hence like any serious buyer, I took to the... Continue reading

  • Power of Attorney - Explained!

    Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that gives right or authority to one person (who is referred as an agent) to sign the documents on behalf of another (who is referred to the principal). The purpose of this law is to make it easy to designate a person to access your finances, legal or property related matters on your behalf. This appointed agent or legal representative can enter into a transaction or any other legal issues. In such cases, the other person’s signature is legally effective to the same extent as if the principal has signed the document. Continue reading