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Concorde Napa Valley:  With a bit more time to spare I took the Kanakapura road and head to Kaggalipura, after a decent drive of a about 8-9 Kms I arrived at Concorde Napa Valley, a 100-acre project. Literally I’m not sure if I can even call this Bangalore, this would make for a nice retirement home but the prices are too exuberant starting at 1Cr before registration, this property did not have much appeal for me, I did not spend much time here.

Concorde Napa Valley Concorde Napa Valley

Brigade Plumeria:  I arrived at Prestige Meadows and Prestige Plumeria, Prestige Meadows is an old Project and Plumeria its sister project is at its toddler stages. It’s close to completion and looks beautiful with a good clubhouse. The Problem lies in the fact it has no amenities around for a good few kilometers. It could be encouraged to buyers with very specific needs and if it meets all their criteria. Else you would find yourself travelling a lot often for the minor requirements.

Brigade Plumeria Brigade Plumeria

Sobha Arena:  Sobha Arena, an apartment complex with sports as its theme and they have plans which make justice to their theme. With a skate park, swimming pool, football ground and several sports-based amenities and arenas, the name Arena adds up there. It seemed a very well planned out project with the earliest possessions being around oct 2019.


It was quite a revelation to see how Bangalore is growing exponentially. Even though its debatable if Kanakapura road requires or deserves a Metro route, it is there to stay. Like any area as the connectivity improves so will the amenities and quality of life around it. Which is clearly denoted by Prestige mall and Mantri mall coming up in the anticipation of the people that are going to pour in.

Travel Time Travel Time

A lot of these projects, I feel have been overpriced in my opinion, after all its my opinion, and it does not seem to be stopping buyers considering enquiries and bookings are pouring in prompting Builders to sprout like mushrooms under a boulder in monsoon.

With almost every builder who pitched we noticed they had two common entities that they saw as a selling point. It was either the Metro or the convenience of the connectivity to the Electronic City. This kept ringing in my brain and by the evening I was hooked into the curiosity to check this, and I vowed to myself that I will travel through this road and see if the connectivity is actually as comfortable as it was claimed in reality and probably check a few projects out there too.

I suppose this was a lengthy read, but I like to be meticulous before I would want to invest my savings on a property, and at the same idea I wrote this out because I figure quite often than not a consumer is met with smiles and promises and taken for a roller coaster ride. So maybe my article provides you a little insight into the area. Please write your opinions on the article and feel free to ask me questions on the comments link below. If you feel you have anything to add to the article please do so in the comments section. Cheers, Happy Home Hunting!

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