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Major upcoming apartments in Vajrahalli, Kanakapura road


Vajrahalli has a project, “Sobha Forest Edge”, well this is one of those instances where the builder isn’t just using a pseudo fancy name, this is literally on the edge of the forest. We commuted from Rohan Akriti on to Thurahalli 80 ft road, and then on to Technology road ( very misleading name if you ask me) And then Thyrahalli 100 ft road ( are we there yet?) finally we reached the edge of the world, oh sorry, I mean Sobha forest Edge . This property is still under construction though, would take a good year or two. And is literally in the middle of nowhere.


Technology Road Technology Road


Construction site of Sobha Forest Edge with the complete view of Sobha Forest View Construction site of Sobha Forest Edge with the complete view of Sobha Forest View

Sobha Forest Edge has an Elder brother named Sobha Forest View situated just beside it, this is an already completed project. And basking under the presence of these titans there are multiple younger builders trying to cash in on the presence of Sobha, Shravanti Palladium , Chamundi Amber Woods are the two projects I saw in the immediate vicinity.

We realized on the way back that Sobha Forest Edge is quite close to Vajrahalli, actually a kilometer and a half out of Kanakapura road to the left from the Vajrahalli junction.


Ok being Honest now, yes, it’s close to a metro station the nice road is close by. This is all the usual approach that any builder will provide. Yes, the Vajrahalli station is close by, but you will have to travel a lot for anything else. The nice road is a good 5-6 km’s from the project. And the potholes in front of the project seem to have roads around them, though its not all the way and might be fixed post the construction, it just wasn’t a pretty sight. The project is just too interior for people who need a city life, just my opinion.


From my understanding, Cauvery water supply is until Anjanapura, so the projects here probably have borewells. And as of other amenities honestly, it lays too interior to specifically access any Hospital or Mall immediately. The metro is the closest thing to an urban civilization you will find in the vicinity for the moment. Yes, development is rapid, but still give or take a few years before you find restaurants all malls in the immediate vicinity.


Prices are a bit funny, Sobha found it acceptable to price their apartments at a whooping 1.5 crores and beyond, which seems a bit far fetched considering how interior the project is.

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