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Upcoming New Apartment Projects in Harlur Road

The first apartment I visited was Sriram Chirping Woods, shocking as it is there is Rajukaluve right at the entrance of the property and a storm water drain that runs through the property, quite an uncomfortable first impression to be honest. We were guided to the marketing office which was actually one of the villaments that they used as a marketing office and also served as a sample to the customers, and apartments were being sold from this marketing office too. And just so you don’t get confused, villaments is just a fancy name for duplex in this situation. One among the many plans that builders cook up to pique your interest.

Sriram Chirping Woods Sriram Chirping Woods

We were informed that the tower one within in the property was not being sold and even the construction had halted because of the Rajukaulve which quite honestly made me feel quite panicky considering their investment in to the project. Then we were informed that only the tower one was had come to halt because the main rajukaluve obstructed it, but the second storm water drain which runs within the property actually had reasonable allowance of space around it such that it would not become a legality issue someday. But I had to say I was quite disheartened with the whole issues clouding the premise of the very place that I want my future house to be.

The Rajukaluve Outside Sriram The Rajukaluve Outside Sriram

One reassuring feat by the Sriram builders was the fact that they chose not to sell the any of the apartments in the tower one, I found this admirable considering how greedy some builders are and how much they believe they can walk around the boundaries of rules implied by the government. But Sriram showed class in this respect. The prices of the Villaments started from 7000 / SqFt while the normal apartments had a price starting from 5500 / SqFt. Yes, this seems a bit pricey, but man, you would be surprised to know this is one of the few affordable apartments compared to some of the quotations I came across later in the day.

Sarjapur road was just full of surprises. There seems to be no Cauvery water but there quite seems to be no problems for water as of the moment considering how many lakes are around in the area. But there are numerous apartments in this area and we have to wait for time to show if the water is enough. There are just too many apartments in the area.

Bren Imperia As seen from Sriram Properties Bren Imperia As seen from Sriram Properties

From here the Bren Imperia was another apartment that seemed interesting, this apartment lay just behind the compound of the Sriram Property, but the roads were just terrible to the property, maybe because it had rained the prior day we just chose not to go to the property, but yes Bren are quality builders , but they do not seem to have any Rajukaluve problems so that was a win-win, post this within Shubb enclave we went Godrej Reflections and this is where things got a bit funny.

OK, so where do I start Godrej Reflections, certainly, Reflections apt enough, seems lost a grip of reality has spiraled into looking at themselves in the mirror. Here we have an unconstructed property with a Rajukaluve that runs in the middle of the property. And when questioned about it the marketing team seemed too ill-informed or rather adamant to even accept it. Except for the expresso and the diorama Godrej didn’t even impress me one bit. They claimed the usual, the sprawling campus, the lush green, the blah blah blah. Honestly if I don’t even see a foundation of the property and the rajukaluve runs in the property and you want me to pay a premium starting price of 7500+ as a base price. Seems too much of a stretch at the moment. And they only have 3 BHK, an apartment not for the light hearted.

Prestige Fern Residency Prestige Fern Residency

From here I guided myself to Prestige fern residency and through the Harlur road, this massive apartment complex from Prestige also over sees Kasavanahalli lake, but does it from a safe far away distance not wrapped by any Rajukaluve. This whole apartment complex had only 7 apartments left to sale when I went about to their campus, I must say it looks like a reseller option paradise. The view upon the 20-floor top of the prestige towers showed the true geographical scape of the area. The irony of the very projects that pride themselves on being on the lake front of the many lakes that are in the area is that the government mentions no apartment shall be built within 80 Mts from the natural water body line. And if you are the property is deemed illegal and is within the encroach able area of the government. Though fern residency is safe I couldn’t help but feel really skeptical about the next property on the list.

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