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New Upcoming Projects Around Silver County Road

The next property on the list is called RBD Stillwaters , yes RBD Stillwaters, STILL WATERS, they are promoting the fact that the apartment is on the edge of the lake. How genius is that, further dwelling into the makes of this property I realized, some of the villas could be close to NGT's 75 meter lake buffer zone. You have a stench of stagnant water around the property which sure is a selling point if you are into having being woken smell the fresh pungent odour of the lake. The RBD property has promised a possession of Aug 2021 and have a base price of Rs 5000 / SqFt

Mildly disgusted by the stench and the situation we left further down the road to find SNN Raj Eternia , the road that comes down to RBD Still waters and then runs to SNN Raj Eternia’s just stockpiled with apartments, Also SNN Raj Eternis is Priced at Rs 5555/ SqFt and a claimed possession of September 2019. Literally there are just too many of them, I wonder if the underground water table can really sustain all the needs of the residents.

After this I proceeded to Fisherman’s Wharf. I was famished. A lovely lunch was in the making and I just loved everything about that place.

Fishermans Wharf Fishermans Wharf

Post that I did make it to a few more apartments in the Carmelaram region but I shall get to that once I discuss the apartments around the Kasavanahalli lake.
Another project that piqued my interest was actually the Bren Edgewater’s, yes another boldly named apartment which aptly sums up the situation of their geographical location. I think they just hate lying and have accepted yes, we are on the edge of the lake. The property is priced at 5200 and have promised a possession as of August 2021. I think they are just getting all the necessary documentations done to certify the safety of the property maybe because the property is actually near completed according to my plain eyesight. The property when I checked later does have a portion of it falling within the encroachment zone according to survey maps referred by the BBMP.

So this sums up the major apartments I felt worth of a visit among the belt of Kasavanahalli Lake off Harlur road in the Sarjapura Road region, but the detour I took to Carmeleram in between did show me a few apartments that interested me.

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