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Demystifying A Khata vs B Khata certificate in Bangalore with examples - Zippserv 2017

Just completed registering your dream home in your name. Great but wait! Having the sale deed registered in your name is only the first step in the process of complete property ownership transfer.  To complete the ownership transfer, you will have to get the Khata issued (by BBMP) in your name. This is absolutely needed to make the set of property documents official and complete.

Possessing the Khata in your name is important for paying the property tax. Paying the property tax on time is crucial as it can lead to heavy fines later.

Khata Registration

New apartment buyers need to do a “Khata Registration” as there would be no Khata for the new flat. There will be a Khata only for the land parcel on which the apartment is built. A new Khata will be generated for the flat for the first time.

Khata Transfer

In case of resale properties a Khata for the flat already exists. In such “Khata Transfer” cases the Khata needs to be transferred to you from the previous owner.

These steps have to be done within three months of the sale and is mandatory under Section 114 of Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act 1976.

What is Khata ?

A Khatha of a property is when that property is recorded in the property register maintained in a Municipality or Corporation. When a property is registered with the Municipality or Corporation, it is assessed to tax, assigned a municipal number and records the person primarily responsible to pay the property tax.   

What is 'A- Khata'?

If a property has a Khata certificate and Khata extract then it is termed as an “A Khata” property.

  1. Khata Certificate:

    The certificate specifies that a particular property is held in name of a particular person. This is issued by BBMP and is required to obtain water connection, gas connection, etc.

  2. Khata Extract:

    This document is also issued by BBMP and states the name of the property owner, details of property like size, built up area, etc.

The A Khata certificate and extract can either be in a Computer-generated format or it can be in a Manual format (hand-written). If the property has a property ID number (PID), then the A Khata can be obtained in computer generated form. An example of A Khata and extract is shown below -

What is 'B-Khata'?

In order to include unauthorised layouts and buildings constructed in violation of by-laws into the ambit of property tax, the provision of “Form -B” was made. For such buildings, “B Register” is maintained which is a separate register to collect property tax from such buildings, apartments or sites.  B Khatas will have “Form B Property Registry Extract” written on them. An example of B Khata is shown here –

How to identify 'A-Khata' vs 'B-Khata'?

If Khata certificate and extract exist, then it is A Khata property.  B Khatas will have “Form B Property Registry Extract” clearly written on them.

What is 'E-Khata'?

For properties which are outside BBMP limits, Panchayat Khatas are issued as Form 9 and Form 11.  For DC converted properties the Gram Panchayat issues, E Khata or Electronic Khata. An example of E Khata is shown here –

What is the process of Khata Registration and Khata Transfer?

The process for Khata Registration and Khata Transfer are very similar and the procedure is enlisted below.

BBMP has published the procedure and documents needed here -

The Khata Application form can be downloaded from here - 

Below are the property documents which must be attached along with the filled application form:
  • Notarized Sale Deed
  • Paid up Betterment/Improvement Charges Receipt (collect this from the seller)
  • Latest paid up Property Tax Receipt (it is possible that you have been paying property tax after registration of your flat. In this case, you need two receipts (a) the latest receipt paid by you (b) the last receipt paid by the builder before registration)
  • Encumbrance Certificate (get this from the place where Sale Deed Registration took place)
  • Occupancy Certificate (collect this from the seller)
  • Conversion Certificate (collect this from the seller)

However, in case of E-Khatas, certain panchayat offices require additional documents as well.

The official Admin fee to be paid is 2% of the Stamp Duty payable by DD in favor of Commissioner, BBMP.

Example: If the stamp paid on the registerted sale deed is 5 lakhs, the admin would be INR 10,000.

After the application is submitted you need to wait till a Khata Transfer Order arrives. You are informed once the order arrives, after which you need to make the payment of the property tax due and apply for the Khata Certificate and the Khata Extract.

Officially, the whole process should take 20 working days.

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    Is Khata registration process same for both A-khata and B-khata.

  • Mahesh

    I got BBMP B khata done recently, In the B Form they have entered plot no for Property No and PID for PID/Khata section.
    I read in one of the websites PID is only for A khata, is my understanding correct or am I misguided here

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