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Property registration procedure in Bangalore - Zippserv 2018

Buying an apartment or a house from an investment perspective is the biggest decision people take. A little prudence and being aware of the documents required to complete the transaction and procedures will ensure your investments stay safe. We have simplified the entire process and broken it down into 5 easy steps that every buyer should take before purchasing their dream home

The Premise - Even though the buyer and seller have a handshake on the deal, they are typically always on the back foot and are equally anxious about the outcome and the next steps to take. There is always a lingering feeling that the other party may back out! So, it is crucial that they agree to the terms, conditions, and timelines of the sale without leaving any loose ends, so that no disputes arise later. Both the buyer and seller have their legitimate concerns - and these have to be addressed judiciously. That is exactly what Step 1 (the sale agreement) captures.

Seller’s Anxiety – What if the buyer takes 6 months to register the property? What if the bank turns him down for the loan? How will he come up with the rest of the money?

Buyer’s Concerns – How can I trust him with lakhs in advance? What if he gets a more lucrative offer from someone else? What will happen to my money then? Will the seller provide all the property documents for me to get my loan approval?

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