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Home Inspection of Independent House/Villa (upto 2000 sq. ft.)

  • 8500
  • 5
  • Bangalore
  • 5 Working Days


The home inspectors will physically inspect the following aspects of the property:

  • Civil/Exterior
  • Interior/Wood Work
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Pest Control
  • Safety

The inspector will use specialized gadgets during their inspection like Clamp Meter, Moisture Meter, AC Fault detectors, Digital Insulation Tester, Laser distance measurer, Infrared Thermometer, AC Voltage Detector, Rubber Hammer , Walabot 3D Imaging Sensor etc. 

The inspection will have a 50 point checklist which will be covered by two inspectors. The inspectors will also capture photographs which will be shared along with the detailed checklist identifying all the deficiencies found during the inspection. 

A detailed report of the same will be shared with you electronically within 2 days time.

Note: The price quoted here is for a single visit. 

Base Price
Add OnQtyDaysPrice
Each additional 500 sq.ft area +0 +₹1,000.00
Total 8500


16 reviews

Simply Fantastic!

What a great experience it was to get Zippserv / MyHomeCheck team to do the Home inspection for our newly constructed villa. You guys are amazing. First of all, I want to thank you and congratulate your team for being so thorough, professional and efficient. Second, though you are all trained professionals in this field, it is still hard to have an eye to detail consistently when you perform these activities day in day out. You guys are just too good! I had my own doubts before engaging with your team; I had just called your team out of sheer curiosity. However, I am thanking my stars for the decision I made. Your report is very detailed and exhaustive that it makes my life simpler now to go and work with the builder with this list of snag points. I would certainly recommend every home buyer to get your services before it is too late. Once again, Thank you very much! Good luck for the future projects you undertake.

Vyjayanthi Mala | 20th, June 2018

Home inspection

I found the team very professional. This was a team of 3 and they carried out a set checks in my almost complete apartment, later providing a detailed report. This was very helpful. I definitely recommend their services and doing a home inspection before taking over possession of the flat. Thanks team!

Moumita Ghosh | 23rd, April 2018

Professional and helpful

Highly recommend the service of this agency for home inspection.

Balachandran Rajaraman | 30th, January 2018

Very useful service

Team is using technology and doing a thorough audit.

Rajaram Ramaiah | 16th, January 2018

Excellent service

We have conducted two inspections on our property through Zippserv (myhomecheck) , and are very happy with their professional approach to the task. Every small detail is looked into, pictures provided for easy identification, and a detailed report is made on the observations. Very efficient and professional team!!!! Thank you, Team Zippserv (myhomecheck)

Elma Goldwyn | 19th, December 2017

Excellent service!

They have a very professional team and the quality of there inspection is excellent and can be trusted. I would definitely recommend them.

ankum karthik | 14th, November 2017

Thorough, reliable, prof services

Being away from India, I was on the lookout for a highly responsible & capable team in Bangalore to handle my Villa’s pre-delivery inspection in my absence, that eventually brought me to “Myhomecheck” team. The inspection services are structured around a very professional & methodical approach. The final snag list shared was quite detailed & has covered majority of the areas, ensuring that even the slightest of a quality defect isn’t missed out. Thanks to the team & continue your great services …

Siva Kumar | 6th, August 2017

Excellent work!

It was very good. They checked all details like electrical, dampness factors etc. They advised me to add few things in electrical for safety purposes. Overall it was a good experience.

darshan adakane | 5th, July 2017