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How can I find registration charges for the property I am buying? I want to know the Cess, Local service body tax, Stamp duty etc. Can any one explain?
asked Nov 15, 2017 in Legal Matters by Pankaj Mallik (26 points) | 46 views

1 Answer

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Dear Pankaj,
It is always confusing to calculate registration charges in pune/ Maharashtra state. I would like to explain you it in a simpler way. In pune (by november 2017) I find only three kinds of payments paid by the property buyers to the govt.
They are Stamp Duty, Registration Charges and Cess.
Stamp duty is 5% of the total salable amount of the property.
Cess is 1% of the salable value of the property.
Registration charge is 1% of the salable value of the property or Rs. 30,000 whatever value you find less.

You can find a detailed explanation in the link provided.
answered Nov 15, 2017 by Samrat (5 points)
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