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Having 16 years of Experience in Law of Property by giving authoritative advice to Clients & Various Housing Societies-Companies, Partnership Firms, Trusts, Banks & Non Banking Financial Institutions and representing them with practical solutions to the needs of them by conveying Legal Scrutiny report & opinion of title documents in terms of Tracing of Title of all nature of the properties.

Experience in cases Handled:

All types of property cases including specific performances in all the courts.
All types of land cases under PTCL Act, Land Reform Act & Land Revenue Act.
All types of cases related to the bank suits.
All types of money suits including DRT cases under SARFASI Act.


116 reviews

Exceptional Service!

I'd like to thank Shine Law for the exceptional service rendered. Very professional in his approach, Shine Law meticulously carries out all the legal verification & in my case he spent hours together at the builder's office to validate the original document. He is a high qualified & trustworthy individual & I'd highly recommend Shine Law to others.

Rahul T | 28th, May 2018

Excellent Professional Services for Property Registration

We had opted for property registration services. Our lawyer Shine Law handled and helped us with complete end-to-end services for Property registration. We found the lawyer and his services very professional and excellent. Special mention to Shine Law for his work and we would highly recommend him for his services.

Rohini Nainar | 28th, May 2018

Detailed thorough checks by Shine Law

Found the entire experience of due diligence to be very thorough and detailed. Was essential to have a good insight of the same before making a high value purchase.

Khilan Haria | 23rd, May 2018

Shine law has given tremendous support in my property registration.

Shine Law has extended fullest support in drafting sale deed. He has made us feel very comfortable registration process. I really admired his technical expertise in legal process which helped in successful completion of the process. His guidance & tips have made it find very convenient and comfortable..He deserves every appreciations.....

Gururaj Vasudevamurthy | 14th, May 2018

Good experience with legal advisor

Shine Law is very knowledgeable person. He will guide in the right direction. Sometimes my decision might differ but he will be on right track. Time to time guiding as true advisor with quick processing in sub-registrar office during registration. Clarity and transparency in all legal documents. During entire process he patiently listened and cleared all doubts.

Tamal Dey | 14th, May 2018

I am very satisfied with the service.

I am a first time buyer. I met a guy near the project in which I was interested to buy a land. He told me about zippserv. As he got their service and was quite satisfied. I have booked a service with less confidence. However, my experience was very satisfactory. The documents were door picked. I have selected shine law where my land documents were scrutinized. He was very professional, patience and completed the verification with in the 8 days as promised. He does not have people under him he does the job himself as he wanted the work to be done perfectly. He does the job with integrity as he understand we are putting our hard earned money. After he drafted the final opinion I wanted to meet him personally and understand the whole scrutiny of the documents. With lot of patience he educated me “ what was needed, if the title deed has everything I need and gave me a clear genuine opinion. I would definitely recommend shine law to my friends. Thank you Shine Law!!!

kranthi s | 8th, May 2018

Amazing services by Shine Law

Shine Law is very supportive and proactive and you have to not call him to what is happening with the case. He gets all the documents done and do the work quickly. I recommend him to everybody.

Rahul Kumar | 4th, May 2018

The Best Advisor

Purchasing a house is never an easy transaction. We are anxious to begin with having heard of all the horror stories of bad real estate deals and bureaucratic processes involved. But all of that completely changed thanks to Shine Law. We purchased the resale package on ZippServ in Jan after we finalized our first apartment. Little did we know of all the problems we might face once we obtain the documents for legal verification. Shine Law is the best when it comes to legal verification of documents. He was able to clearly indicated the pitfalls and potential hassles we might face had we gone ahead with the deal. That really gave us the confidence that we were dealing with a consummate professional and not someone who was just looking at us as a tick mark on a checkbox - a task to be completed. Then in the next two months, we went through many potential sellers but we were clear we would move forward only with a go ahead from Shine Law after his thorough verification. Finally after 2 months we were able to find the perfect deal of what will be our home for the next many years to come. Shine Law was very helpful in drafting the sale agreement, sale deed draft, verification of all documents and advising us on the myriad of issues one is likely to face during the pre-registration process. Thanks to him, we were able to finalize the registration date, venue & time. On the D-Day, he insisted on getting the printouts himself and he was on time and helped us through each and every process and signature. Mind you, this was the first time we met after talking over phone and whatsapp for nearly 3 months. But the trust was already established, courtesy his professionalism in all our interactions thus far. And the final session was to be no different. He advised us on every single step of the registration process and was very proactive about things that were not obvious. I'm glad we found Shine Law & Zippserv who made the process seamless and helped us register our first home purchase. I highly recommend Shine Law to anyone looking to obtain a honest feedback on legal advise needed in matters related to legal verification and advisory on registration. It has been a absolute pleasure dealing with him, to say the least.

Bharath Divyang | 3rd, May 2018