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Having 16 years of Experience in Law of Property by giving authoritative advice to Clients & Various Housing Societies-Companies, Partnership Firms, Trusts, Banks & Non Banking Financial Institutions and representing them with practical solutions to the needs of them by conveying Legal Scrutiny report & opinion of title documents in terms of Tracing of Title of all nature of the properties.

Experience in cases Handled:

All types of property cases including specific performances in all the courts.
All types of land cases under PTCL Act, Land Reform Act & Land Revenue Act.
All types of cases related to the bank suits.
All types of money suits including DRT cases under SARFASI Act.


116 reviews


Very good service, delivered well within time, very professional, answered all questions with impressive clarity. Highly recommended.

Anirban Paul | 20th, July 2018

First and probably the best experience

Shine Law: This was the first time in my life I hired a lawyer. Shine Law made this engagement just the way anybody would expect. I had opted for Legal Verification and Agreement Review for my apartment. He executed thorough verification and also demanded for missing documents from builder. Only after getting all required documents, he ensured me to go ahead with the property. During agreement review he suggested few crucial changes in the agreement and also convinced the builder to get those changes done. Loads of thanks to Shine Law for the apt services provided.I would continue to get any kind of legal assistance from you in the future and will surely recommend Shine Law to my friends and relatives. Zippserv: I really appreciate for the concept Zippserv has come up with. Buying a property is never easy but you guys have made it a cake walk for the buyers. Thanks you very much.

Abhijeet Roy | 8th, July 2018

Very quick service

The lawyer at shine law provided consultantion with in an hour over phone and answered all queries.

Sohan Philip | 27th, June 2018

Excellent service at quick time

I have ordered EC and got it done on same day. They were very cooperative to all of my queries and got good responses in less than 30 minutes.

Nikhil K R | 20th, June 2018

Excellent Service

Shine law are very professional while providing the services. You can rely on him for giving you right advice based on facts. He will also call you to explain you everything in details

Deepak Tiwari | 18th, June 2018


The service was excellent, all the documents was verified and the complete scenario of the land was explained in detail

Shanmuga Sundaram | 13th, June 2018

Wonderful Experience

I took Shine Law's help to verify legal documents and sales agreement. He helped me to understand each and every detail of the legal documents. The best thing about him was his approachability. I called him over phone when ever I had any query, anytime of the day and he always answered my calls. He never used to get bothered and he used to answer all my queries in detail. He explained me about TDS which I have to deduct from total cost of the project and pay to income tax dept. He also convinced the builder to include indemnity clause (in favor of the purchaser) in the sales agreement. The overall experience was very good.

surjit laha | 10th, June 2018

Good Service

Verified all the documents on time.

Tajal Arefin | 31st, May 2018