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Encroachment Check - Rajakaluve and LakeBed

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  • Bangalore - BBMP limits only
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We undertake encroachment check for properties within BBMP limits of Bangalore. As part of this service, we superimpose the Raja Kaluve (Storm Water Drains) and Lake Bed information retrieved from BBMP onto the property under scrutiny. With the help of measuring tools, the distance from Raja kaluve and Lake Beds are accurately measured.

How it works:

Upon placing the order, you will be redirected to the order page where you will get a short questionnaire regarding the property you want to get analysed. On receipt of the property information, we will share the analysis on the order page along with supporting maps and images within 2 working days.


  • Geo located images with distances measured from nearest lakes and Rajakaluves
  • A note summarizing our obervations  w.r.t BBMP/BDA by-laws and NGT ruling 

Terms & Condition:

  • Our analysis provided to you will be confidential and for your eyes only.
  • Only one residential unit is scrutinized under this service. In case of apartments the scrutiny will be for your entire block in which your particular unit is present. We will not analyse the whole apartment complex for the price mentioned post ordering. In case of independent homes or land the scrutiny will be for your particular plot.
  • In case you have doubts you can request for a short call(no more than 10mins) and ask your questions in a pointed and crisp manner. We will be happy to clarify them as long as questions are limited to the subject property and falls with the scope of service.

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12 reviews

Good for checking

The service is good for checking if the property being considered is encroaching upon some water body. The service is quick and good.
However followup is very bad. I had a query regarding their report but nobody cared to reply or follow up.

Reply from the GIS Professional:

Dear Client, Thanks for availing our service at Zippserv. As you yourself have kindly noted the scope of the service is checking encroachments into water bodies such as Raja kaluve and Lake beds. During the analysis of the property, while I found the subject property is clear from Raja kaluve and Lake bed encroachments, I observed the property is having ‘another type’ of encroachment which bothered me. So after submitting the report (1 day before the due date), I consulted my manager and he advised me to bring this as well to your notice irrespective of the scope of the service and seriousness of encroachment. So I added another short note, describing this. Post that my manger also spoke to you and advised you to consult a good real estate attorney to understand the consequences of the type of encroachments pointed out to you. We being a technical team we can point out encroachments and extent of it, but only lawyers are experts to assess the seriousness & future consequences of it. The following day you wrote back to us, why it would be necessary to consult a real estate attorney since the property has all kind of approvals from authorities . I didn’t respond to this email because I had already delivered the service as per the scope of the package and beyond it and had nothing more to add to the analysis and advice already offered.

In hindsight, I should have given you some response, rather than keeping quiet. I apologize for that.

Regards, GIS Team

Akshar Kaul | 19th, September 2016

Extremely helpful and explained everything properly

ZippServ GIS person took care of the whole thing very professionally and answered all my questions with patience. He was with me on the phone two times and was patient with all my queries. He explained the situation and gave proper advise on the property. great service by Zippserv GIS team.

sutirtha bhowmick | 15th, September 2016

Great Service

Detailed analysis and clear encroachment details provided. They delivered the data very fast and would recommend this service to my friends who are in need of the same.

Venkatesh Rao | 27th, August 2016

Very useful service!

This service showed all the violations that prevailed in the apartment which I was about to purchase. Exact measurements were provided on the map which clearly depicted the violations and I found this service from Zippserv extremely useful.

Aveek Roy | 19th, August 2016