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Property valuation for an apartment up to 2000 sqft built up area

  • 7500
  • 5
  • Bangalore
  • 4 Working Days


We will undertake a physical inspection of your apartment and undertake following activities:

  • Calculations of your apartment unit built up area
  • Construction quality assessment
  • Assessment of Residual age of the property
  • Assessment of the amenities section

As per the above observations we will submit a detailed report mentioning:

  • Fair market price
  • Guidance value
  • Expected rental income


If your apartment is more than 2000 sq ft or is outside Bangalore limits i.e. in Bangalore rural areas, please buy the corresponding add-on services.

In case of any clarifications please feel free to call us.

Base Price
Add OnQtyDaysPrice
Each additional 1000 sqft +0 +₹2,250.00
Property in Bangalore rural limits 1+1 +₹3,000.00
Total 7500


9 reviews

Excellent service

Zippserv service was quick, meticulous and the evaluation was done in polite and patient manner. If you intend to sell or buy property, this team is competent to help you in evaluating the property in quickly

Shiwani Priyadarshi | 6th, October 2018

Exceeded expectations

Very efficient done by the valuer, a good option for all valuation requirements.

Vamsidhar Babu Komatineni | 8th, March 2018

Good Service

The valuer was very professional and did a thorough job.

PRASHANTH BV | 6th, March 2018

Absolutely Satisfied.

The service exceeded the expectations.

Ramesh Srinivasan | 6th, March 2018

Completely Satisfied.

Very happy with the service provided, the valuation job was professional.

chittur radhakrishnan | 6th, March 2018

Good and timely service

I got my capital gains valuation done through InfinityValuers. The valuation was done as per our expectation and within the timelines promised.

Keshava Rao Handanahalu Manjaiah | 6th, March 2018


I had availed infinity valuers for the purpose of valuation for visa purposes. It was a very good experience. They did it on time. Basically i dint have to do anything, the valuer came and inspected my property and gave me a report in 2 days, and this helped me in getting the visa on time or it might have been delayed. Thank You.

Vikram Kumar | 23rd, August 2017

Very Good Service

I am satisfied with the service provided. I suggest others to get the valuation done from InfinityValuers as an Expert's assessment. Thanks a lot!

Biswajit Dey | 18th, August 2017