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Property valuation for an apartment up to 2000 sqft built up area

  • 8000
  • 5
  • Bangalore
  • 6 Working Days


We will undertake a physical inspection of your apartment and undertake following activities,

  • Calculations of your apartment unit built up area
  • Construction quality assessment
  • Assessment of Residual age of the property
  • Assessment of the amenities section

As per the above observations we will submit a detailed report mentioning.

  • Fair market price
  • Guidance value
  • Expected rental income


If your apartment is more than 2000 sq ft or is outside Bangalore limits i.e. in Bangalore rural areas, please buy the corresponding add-on services.

In case of any clarifications please feel free to call us.

Base Price
Add OnQtyDaysPrice
Each additional 1000 sqft +0 +₹4,000.00
Property in Bangalore rural limits 1+2 +₹2,000.00
Total 8000


1 review

Thorough Valuation Job!

I wanted to know the valuation of the resale flat which I was planning to purchase near Richmond Road. I took the services of Apt Valuer on Zippserv. The process was very smooth and the valuer who came explained all the aspects that he would consider for valuation very well. I got a detailed report at the end of the process. I had to get on a call with the valuer to understand some of the items mentioned in the report. All said and done it was a very smooth process.

Gangadhar BS | 20th, October 2016