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Legal verification of property documents for Flat / House in Bangalore

  • 9000
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  • Bangalore
  • 6 Working Days


We will undertake property document verification for immovable properties situated in and around Bangalore and relating to:

  • Flats or Villas in new residential projects
  • Resale Flat or Villas of residential projects
  • Independent houses

Under this service we will scrutinize the title of the property and the necessary regulatory compliances you will be issued a legal opinion on our letter head. Please note that the scrutiny will be done based on the document provided by you.

Here is how it will work:

On receipt of documents, a requisition list (List will be detailing what other documents are required) will be shared within 4 working days with preliminary views (if possible) on the property.
And final legal opinion will be shared within 3 working days from the submission of last set of additional documents by you.

Add-ons (Not part of base price):

Additional survey number: The base price mentioned includes property document verification for the relevant survey numbers which can be maximum of upto 3 survey numbers/items (relevant for the flat/house/plot) and the common set of documents. A larger project might come under more than 3 survery numbers, though the flat/site are usually on 1 or max. 2 survey numbers/items. If you want us to scrutinize more survery numbers (means for the entire project), you will have to purchase this add-on service, if required, since we will have to generate opinions for each different survey numbers which are not in common.

If you are not aware of the survey numbers, go ahead and buy the base service. We will go through the documents and advise you if you need to purchase add-ons (in most cases this may not be required; unless you wish to verify the documents of the entire project)

Sale Agreement review: In case you need Sale Agreement review, please select the Add-on at the time of buying the service. 

Construction Agreement review: In case you need Construction Agreement review, please select the Add-on at the time of buying the service.

Verification in Government Offices: Forgery of property documents have become a chronic issue in Bangalore real estate. If you purchase this Add-on, we would visit the necessary government office such as Sub-registrar, BBMP, BMRDA etc. to independently cross-verify 3 most crucial documents for your property. For example, commencement certificate, occupancy certificate, building license & sanction plan, Khatha & khatha extract, last 5 year encumbrance certificate etc. Depending on the type of property & stage of construction we would choose which would be 3 most relevant documents in your case.

Occupancy Certificate eligibility check: An onsite civil engineering inspection of the property would be undertaken. Civil Engineer would measure and identify deviations or violations from the approved sanction plan. He will look for STP, Rainwater harvesting, Roads and other mandatory compliances w.r.t applicable bye-laws. A final report would be submitted stating if the property will be eligible for occupancy certificate(OC). In the absence of OC which the property will become either irregular or illegal depending on the level of violation. Engineer will also assess the construction quality and measure the carpet area of your unit.

Base Price
Add OnQtyDaysPrice
Each Additional Survey Number +2 +₹2,250.00
Occupancy Certificate eligibility check 1+4 +₹6,750.00
Verification in Government Offices 1+0 +₹6,000.00
Sale Agreement Review 1+2 +₹2,500.00
Construction Agreement Review 1+2 +₹2,500.00
Total 9000


87 reviews

Excellent service by Neo Legal

Very detailed check for all the relevant documents for our new house property. Quick and professional response from the lawyer.

Manju Bhatkal | 18th, August 2018

Very professional and Helpful Lawyer

I had not worked with Lawyers earlier, as not everytime we run into things which may require a Lawyer. But when I really needed one I am glad that at such critical requirement for my personal need, I selected Neo Legal as my Lawyer, who was 100% professional and knew what he was doing right to the core of the details. He always devoted his time to listen to my queries no matter how many times I asked. Explained in great detail in lengths with examples over the phone and made many necessary corrections in my legal documents, which I was skeptical, the other party would had even entertain had I had approached them alone. He is very polite, humble and works in a good speed one can ask for. **This is my personal review as what I had experienced and I never faced difficulties approaching him at any point. Thank you for giving me your help and sorting this out. Ofcourse, I will be asking you for any further helps to deal with any Legal issues related to this. You are one great Lawyer. Please keep up the good work.

Jasmeet Sethi | 16th, August 2018

Happy with the service

Neo Legal was reachable all the time over or messenger service. Very help to resolve all our doubts and explain the relevance of each document.Complete process was smooth and we are happy with them, recommend this service.

Manohar S | 9th, August 2018

Very Good Service

Professional, very nice explanation about katha and BBMP guidelines. he patiently listened to my queries and guided me to get the required documents. Thanks for valuable guidance and Service Thanks Narayana

KOLA NARAYANA | 8th, August 2018

Awesome service

Neo Legal did a very thorough scrutiny of the documents. He was very patient and waited for me to get the documents from the builder which took lot of time. Very happy with his service.

Praveen Prasad | 4th, August 2018

Neo Legal enabled me to sleep peacefully as they did the due dilligence

I am pleased to state that Neo Legal was very prompt in providing me valuable opinion regarding the legality of the villa. Also additional comments were provided to guide me through what I should look for in terms of certifications from various agencies. Best wishes, Karthik

karthik balachandran | 25th, July 2018

Excellent Service

Thorough scrutiny of all the important documents was done . Detailed and unbiased opinion was provided by Neo Legal. The pick up and drop was also very speedy . Overall very satisfactory service .

Raja Prasad | 16th, July 2018

Much appreciate service

I wanted to verify all the legal papers for my new flat. Thanks to zippserv and Neo legal team. Neo legal has clarified all our doubts about my property which I am planning to buy. He clarified all of my queries whenever I asked for it. And the report provided by the team was clear and doubtless. Nice work team. Keep it up.

Moloy Biswas | 13th, July 2018