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Home Inspection for Flats (upto 2000 sq.ft)

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We have been in existence for more than 30 years, and have executed a wide spectrum of projects such as Residential, Commercial, Hotels, Hospitals, Pharma, IT, Schools, etc. We provide a unique pre-delivery inspection service of your home, be it an apartment, villa or a bungalow.

Our inspection is extremely detailed and comprehensive.

  • On door frames and shutter we perform 45 different types of checks
  • For plumbing, we check for 30 different kind of issues. 
  • For electrical connections, we perform close to 50 different types of checks. 
  • To ascertain damages and dampness, we look at 30 different aspects during inspection
  • To see the complete checklist click here: Detailed Checklist

Some more highlights of what we do :

  • More than 45 different checks performed to ascertain finishing and damages of the floor alone!
  • Our extensive check-list consists of over 250 points 
  • The use of our customized inspection and reporting tool helps us deliver a very streamlined and efficient report
  • The tool also ensures that NO points on the checklist are skipped

A detailed report of the same will be shared with you electronically within 2 days time.

Kindly Note:

The price quoted here is for a single visit. To check if the builder has fixed the snags observed in our inspection we also provide re-inspection service at a 50% discount. 

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Extra 1000 sq.ft area +0 +₹1,750.00
Total 7775


13 reviews


Very meticulous, Appreciative of needs. Way to go.

Parag Ray | 24th, August 2017

Very professional.

Very Professional and thorough job of Inspection. Happy and glad that I used this service.

joseph roshan | 24th, August 2017

Value for money.

Service is very good and the equipment’s used for testing the defects are worth it.

Raghavendra C | 24th, August 2017

Good service.

Overall service was good.

Latika Singh | 24th, August 2017


Very Professional and thorough quality of services provided. They went the extra mile to accommodate inspection on a very tight schedule. Really Impressed.

Shomrit Banerjee | 23rd, August 2017

Very profession.

Professional,through and deligent.

Kamalanand Nithianandan | 23rd, August 2017

Home inspection at its best.

The team is very professional and patient to answer all my doubts. Few requirements were not ready when they started the work but they waited patiently with me to get the work done. Would definitely recommend them for house inspection work.

Kuldeep Kumar | 17th, August 2017

Excellent work!

The Person Looked Professional And Had Enough Expertise.

Linga Murthy | 16th, August 2017