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Can it be done by any individual? What all permissions are necessary?
asked Sep 7, 2017 in NRI Corner by Mudit Sastri (15 points) | 61 views

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A friend of mine (Maharashtrian residing in Pune) is stuck with an agricultural plot. He wants to convert it to NA so that he can go ahead and build a nice weekend home. But he hasn't done it so far! Do you know why?
1. Too many people to run after - One needs to run after the gram panchayat office, the district collector, courts etc. etc.  NOCs are needed from a variety of government organizations. A lot of people need to approve tiny tiny details!
2. Cannot be done for a small plot - If you try running after the above people for a small plot (a few guntas), then the time, effort and money involved (over and under the table) will be so much that you might as well go buy another plot! Plus there are rules on the size of plot that can be converted - it is usually a few acres!
3. Lack of clarity on the process - The process is not clearly documented anywhere! Various people quote various rules and procedures.
My friend has given up on trying to convert land to NA. You are better off buying NA plot directly or buying from a developed who can convert. In the absence of either of these, atleast discuss with a real estate lawyer so that you are sure of what you buy.
answered Sep 10, 2017 by Sharad Basu (63 points)
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