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I've been paying the property tax for the last three years. Though the receipt shows my name as the 'Owner', PID and Khata numbers are not displayed. Instead, the survey number is displayed. When i enter the SAS Base Application number, i can see my name as the Owner. My questions are:

1. Does it mean that the Khata transfer has already happened? I read in one of the posts that the SAS number will be generated only after the transfer is done. Is it accurate?
2. The property is B-Khata while the land is A-Khata. Can I still get a Khata certificate and the extract from the revenue office?
3. Do I need to go to the nearest BBMP office to confirm whether the transfer has happened already as I can't see that on the tax paid receipt?
4. Can someone guide me through the step-by-step process involved in Khata procurement based on the situation described as above.
asked Apr 3, 2018 in Legal Matters by Ganga (3 points) | 263 views

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