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Does all the cost have to be borne by me (buyer) or seller? What is the usual practice.
asked Aug 29, 2017 in Legal Matters by rahulsekhawat82 (27 points) | 163 views

1 Answer

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In Bangalore, the standard practice is that the buyer will bear the cost for all Registration Charges. If you are buying a property in Bangalore Urban areas, the Stamp Fee is 5.6% of the Sale Value or Guidance Value whichever is higher and 5.65% in Bangalore Rural limits. Registration fee remains the same for both areas and is at 1% of the Sale Value or Guidance Value whichever is higher.
answered Sep 2, 2017 by Suresh Shetty (60 points)
You can use the zippserv guidance value calculator for bangalore for the same. Nice calc

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