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I have lost my previous sale deed, is there a way to get a duplicate copy of sale deed from Begur sub-registrar office. It is urgent.
asked Aug 29, 2017 in Legal Matters by rahulsekhawat82 (27 points) | 400 views

1 Answer

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Dont worry Rahul, this can be done. You will have to make an application in Form 22 in the Begur Sub-registrar's office and pay the Statutory fee of around Rs 200- 300 . If all is good, they can give it the same day otherwise it will take 2-3 days. However, if it is an old deed then it may take 7-10 working days to retrieve it.

Please note that the application has to be filed where the Sale Deed was originally registered, i.e Begur Sub-registrar's office in your case
answered Sep 2, 2017 by Naveen Rao (37 points)
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