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1) The land must be converted from agricultural to non-agricultural residential purposes.

2) The layout must be approved by a town planning authority.

3) There must be a relinquishment deed to show that all common areas, parks, roads, footpaths etc. are handed over to the Government.

4) There must be a release of site order from the town planning authority to show that the site has got proper identification.

5) There must be up to date katha and katha extract.

6) There must be up to date tax paid receipts.

7) There must be up to date encumbrance certificates.

8) The Seller must have original documents. Otherwise, there are chances that he has sold the property to someone else or taken loan against the property.

9) The agreement must be fair to the Seller and not one sided.

10) All payments must be through bank transaction. All types of cash payments must be avoided.

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