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Property registration charges in Bangalore 2018-19 & Stamp duty calculator

Calculation of stamp duty and property registration charges in Bangalore:

At the time of property registration, i.e. registering the sale deed at the sub-registrar, the stamp duty and registration charges need to be paid to the government. These duties and charges are paid with respect to the total sale consideration or guidance value, whichever is higher.

For all practical purposes, the total sale consideration is always higher than the guidance value of the property. Yet, in some cases, we have observed the guidance value of the property to be higher. So, please check the guidance value of the property before arriving at the stamp duties and registration fees. As per the prevalent practices, the charges are borne by the buyer.

Stamp Duty and Registration fee structure

Stamp DutyBBMP, Corporation, BMRDA & other Village Areas5% of the total sale consideration or guidance value, whichever is higher
SurchargeBBMP & Corporation 2% of the stamp duty, i.e. 0.1% of the total sale consideration or guidance value, whichever is higher
BMRDA & other Village Areas 3% of the stamp duty, i.e. 0.15% of the total sale consideration or guidance value, whichever is higher
CessBBMP, Corporation, BMRDA & other Village Areas10% of the stamp duty, i.e. 0.5% of the total sale consideration or guidance value, whichever is higher
Registration FeeBBMP, Corporation, BMRDA & other Village Areas1% of the total sale consideration or guidance value, whichever is higher

Stamp Duty Calculator

You will need to prepare three (3) Demand Drafts(DD) in favour of the Sub-Registrar and bring them along on the day of registration along with other documents. E.g. If you are registering the property at Indiranagar sub-registrar office, the Demand Drafts should be prepared in favour of “Sub-Registrar Indiranagar”, payable at Bangalore. The breakup of the DDs will be as follows:

Select Property Jurisidication

Property Value


What is guidance value and how is it calculated?

For guidance value click here to explore more.

How to decide which sub-registrar office you need to register your property?

It is decided after looking at property title and khatha. Here is a list of the sub-registrar offices in Bangalore

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26 thoughts on “Property registration charges in Bangalore 2018-19 & Stamp duty calculator”

  • N Ravindernath

    Your site is very useful and the information elucidation is simple

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  • Raju


    If i want to purchase a land ( 30x40) at Hiriyur (Chitradurga Dist) what are the charges for Stamp duty & Registration in percentage.

    Apart from these two what else should i pay as fee while purchasing land at hiriyur ( Taluk)


    • Zadmin

      Dear Raju,
      The registration charges will be - 1% of the sale value of the property.
      Stamp Duty - 5.6% of the sale value of the property.(In Urban limits)
      Stamp Duty - 5.65% of the sale value of the property.(In Rural limits)

  • Sandeep

    Hi, i understand the stamp duty plus registration plus cess comes to 6.6% in BBMP areas. But BDA website says it is 10%. Can you tell me if that is indeed true? This is the URL where i got this info:

    • Zippserv admin

      Stamp duty and registration fees are determined by Karnataka stamp and registration department under which all sub-registrar offices. You can check the rates at their website.

      BDA is town planning authority, does not do property registration. In their website, it could be a typo or has not updated for years.

  • kumar

    Sale agreement is rs. 56 lakhs but guidance value as per your calculator is coming at Rs. 35 lakhs. so, can I pay the stamp duty on Guidance value.

  • Navin


    My sale agreement value is 31 lakhs while applying for loan but now guidance value is showing as 44.8 lakhs. does my sale deed value should contain 44.8 lakhs or 31 lakhs. please answer?

  • Raju

    Seems quite a useful site. I wish you had detailed info related to sale & purchase by NRIs. Example. With no other income in India is it wise to efile returns (refund for excess TDS on LTCG) for sale proceeds. Or is a CA should do it. What are the pit- falls if CA is not hired? Can some with personal experience throw light? Thanks a lot.

  • Ankur Jain

    How to calculate property value?
    Is this also include KSEB, BWSSB & Taxes paid to builder?

  • Bhardhvaj

    Hello Sir,
    I am looking a property in Kundanahalli Banglore. The property GLA is 450 Sq ft and it is a five story building. Please let me know what will the registration fee. Thanks

  • Babu

    Hi, bda is registering me a carpark separately now. Can anyone guide me what will be the charges for all the registration? Is carpark subjected to tax or is it only the stamp duty and registration charges?

  • Ambarish

    Hi, on what value is the stamp duty and registration calculated? Is it the total unit cost charged by the builder or some charges like bescom, club house and gst etc are deducted from the total cost for calculation

  • Shruthish

    Hi i have bought a site of 6.2 lakhs, but the subregister is asking 24k as registration and scanning charges.

    Should I pay him or should I approach somebody else..?

  • Raj


    I heard if you register a property for over 50L in Bangalore there is a TDS component, can you please throw some light on that.


  • sashi

    I am buying a house for 1.2cr. 1500 Sq.ft land and 2500 sqft total built up area. how do i calculate registration charges. Guidance value for my area is 5250 per sq.ft.

  • Ravikumar

    Recently is there any changes in registration charges, few people saying charges increased to 20%?. Is this true?

  • Praveen

    I am going to purchase site near kukkenhalli, hesaragatta Bangalore, site price ₹1000000 and pls advise me on registration charges asp thank you


    The explanation is SIMPLE and to the point understandable by the common-man.

    Even the calculator is OK, but lacks in furnishing clear details like newly built apartments etc.

  • Bhavaniswar

    i have purchased a flat near basavapura, banglore south and flat cost was 41 lks. Please share the registration charges in details on priority

  • Rajendra Prasad

    What’s is the stamp duty and registration and charges from 01/01/2019

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