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Why you ought to consider both New & Resale Apartments

Tip #1: Why you ought to consider both New & Resale Apartments
Words of wisdom for those who choose to be wise. I shall give information based on our data and years of experience on how you should go about choosing your apartment. These Tips I shall give you now shall hold good where ever you live.

As a buyer I urge to consider the Resale property first, why? Reason being all these apartments are located in the prime area at the best of localities, unlike the new ones creeping up in the distance. Yes, Resale would usually be considered old properties, but is 5 to 7 years really that old? People have jeans older than that. A home is what you make of it. And finally, the smart thing to do is appreciate your budget and comfort over the urge to go for a new over priced apartment. Yes, resale Apartments mostly are cheaper than the new ones in the same area. Have you considered that here you deal with a single entity seller and not a rich loaded builder! I bet no broker ever tells you this. Another plus! what you see is what you get, there is no waiting for OC, or Completion, just very straight up. Also, Dear government cannot draw up a 12% GST on a resale property, isn't that a WIN-WIN!??

As a buyer who also wants his property to gain rewards and make their wallet fatter in the long run I suggest a Newly built apartment. Yes, it shall be a bit pricey but often more most people want to buy a brand-new house. They want to make memories in their new home and also design it to their convenience. The chances of you trying to sell an already resold property wouldn't fetch you much if it happens to be very old. People want new, the whole process of buying a house for many would be a mark of celebrating their lives achievements and solidifying it as a security that blossoms in years to come. So, it is evident a new house is a class in itself. Selling a newly built apartment as resale in the recent years have shown a trend of good returns in terms of price appreciation! And just the basic architecture style would be very savvy than the dated resale properties.

If you are unsure about your apartment's safety issues, always do log on to Zippserv Clean Properties and find the fast-moving OC obtained - A Khata resale properties, and as a bonus we have painstakingly collected data from sub-registrar's office to provide accurate prices of the last 10-15 transactions in the property you are interested in. This helps you understand the price better and negotiate so you are not hoodwinked into paying more. We mean it when we say our prices are by the books.
Well do any of your other real estate friends do this??!!

So, are we done? No, it's just the surface of what we can offer. As a buyer you might be stressed about the long journey in front of you. What if your resale property is not on the list of our clean properties? We will be ecstatic to help you verify it. We further help you with the sale agreement all the way running to the registration and deliverance of the Katha. We sign stamp and deliver your home to you. We want to make sure that your home buying experience that you joyously tell and not weep citing the long queues and delays.
When it comes to new properties dear Zippservians, yes RERA is cited by every builder and you are made to feel safe. What you never knew is, RERA is more of a platform on which the builder discloses and not some authority that will vet the legalities. So how can you find out if your new apartment is safe? Free from encroachment? Free of litigations? If you shall be given an OC on possession. You can find complete legally verified properties on Zipppserv clean properties. In the case you do not see it listed do not be disheartened. We shall provide legal verification if you seek it and also conduct an OC eligibility check to see if your property will receive an OC.

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