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The beginning

Ever realized how difficult it is to buy a home?

Location hunting, identifying good properties, negotiating prices, verifying documents, finding a lawyer to do it – it’s all such a hassle!
We (Sudeep and Debashish) realised the enormity of this hassle when we bought our respective houses. And we decided to fix it, once and for all. That’s how Zippserv was born.

What we do

We understand that it is your hard earned money at stake and will do our best to ensure it stays safe.

We are perhaps the only company on the home buyer’s side. With transparent pricing, professional expertise - for legal & civil engineering, due diligence, fraud & forgery detection etc. - and technology, we ensure that you buy your home with complete confidence, at your convenience.

Our journey so far

Our founding team

Sudeep Anandapuram

Sudeep is a co-founder & CEO of ZippServ. He has 17 years of experience handling senior engineering positions in Tellabs, Cisco Systems and Tejas Networks in India and USA. He has architected and spearheaded engineering functions to deliver state-of-the-art features in networking. When he is not working, Sudeep can be found acing it out on tennis courts.

Debashish Hota

Debashish is a co-founder & COO at ZippServ. He graduated with an engineering degree from NIT Surathkal, Karnataka. He has worked for more than 12 years in networking, telecom & defence industries. In this spare time, he likes to read nonfiction novels and watch movies.

Zippserv in media

An online tool to spot encroached properties

Zippserv, India's first real estate risk assessment firm, has launched a free Google Map-based encroachment check tool to help Bengalureans assess encroachment and other information required when evaluating properties.

Bootstrapped ZippServ safeguards your real estate investments

With map-based data mining technology, process standardisation, integrated logistics and SLA-based online service fulfilment, Zippserv aims to provide a seamless home buying experience to all its customers.

Buying a Home
8 Steps

Home buying is not easy and the home buyer has to protect his downside, considering that is plagued by various anomalies. Zippserv has solutions for each of these steps to ensure the home buyers are protected at every step.

4 Risks to Watch Out for Before Investing in a Property

Buyers have been in a tizzy over whether the property they're buying is illegal. ‘Zippserv Protect’ comes to the rescue as it allows users to check if their property encroaches a rajakaluve, a lake or its buffer zones.

Zippserv helps buyers check if properties violate BBMP norms

Zippserv's CEO Sudeep Anandapuram spoke to Property Plus about the specifics of ZippServ’s end to end affordable solutions that are useful for residential, commercial and resale property buyers while assessing properties.

Realty-tech startup ZippServ gets seed funding

ZippServ, has raised Rs 2.5 crore to expand its offering of legal and technical due diligence services across metros, including Pune and Mumbai, and also increase its presence in commercial real estate.

Zippserv assesses the risks in property deals

Buying a property in a metropolis today inevitably comes with concerns about legal tangles. Is the land free of encroachment? Will you get your occupancy certificate? Zippserv helps you get these answered easily.

Zippserv secures funding for expansion

Zippserv helps home buyers in verifying the veracity of ownership papers, encroachment-related issues, adherence to bye-laws and quality of construction. Zippserv provides a one stop shop to alleviate any concern related to property purchase be it both old and new.


As a startup that’s rapidly (but not recklessly) expanding, we are always looking to engage with the right talent.

So, if you too would like to solve this problem that’s been around for years, we would like to hear from you.
Exciting career opportunities await.
Send us a quick email on with your resume and we will get back to you to explore how we can work together.